Caleb Koeberg (12 Years)

John Snow


  • Position: Hooker
  • Highest Level: School
  • Current Club/School: De Kuilen Primary
  • Current Team: School Under 13A and WP XV Under 12
  • Rugby Club/School Province: Western Cape

Personal Overview:

Caleb has been playing rugby since Grade 1. Been in the school A team every year, except for one where he was in the B. He loves the game. Has lots of support and encouragement from his school, Coaches and family. His brother plays WP Elite and Invitational since last year ie 2018. Hence game talk and practicing happens at home all the time too. Has lots of talent. Moves very fast. Good at tackling. Very focused and determined. Needless to say to reach Provincial level at 12 years of age, is a huge achievement. Plays WP XV Under 12. WP won the Interprovincial Coastal Tournament in Riversdale this year, from 19 to 21 September 2019. WP XV was unbeaten in all their 5 matches. WP won the Tournament overall. Future looks good. He is hungry. Very honored and privileged to have made WP this year.

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